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Feb 2021

A piece that highlights choice, randomisation, words as sound, harmony & melody. 

4 minutes / 8 people / 16 words

Jake Roberts: Mondegreen / Natürlich 
Dominic Rose: Sycophant / Unctuous 
Katrina Stamatopoulos: Hikikomori / Foot 
Eleni Mettyear: Fantastic / Cornucopia 
Wojciech Kawczyk: Robota / Pokora 
Malgorzata Bany: Sugi / Mlecko 
James Roe: Crinoline / Putrefy 
Tim Green: Serendipity / Pinguino 

All words chosen by the collaborators.

Recorded & Produced by M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2021

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