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ANCHOR 3.jpg
September 3rd & 4th 2021
at Equivalent Behaviour 

Sound / Photo / Object / Live Performance:  

A study of attachment and separation 


ANCHOR, the first solo show held within Equivalent Behaviour encompassed sound, visual, objects and included a live performance on each of the two days.  Exploring the hold and connection the home has on an individual and how the memory of sound, visuals and objects can be strengthen or deteriorate over time.



Revox B77 Mk1 - [story]

Rexox A77 Mk1 - [memory]

Revox A77 Mk2 - [recollection]

Nagra Kudelski 4.2 - [time]


10 black & White silver gelatin prints



Doorbell / Corgi Land Rover / Art Deco decorative Bell

Festival of Britain coin / World of Johann Straus (Decca)

Excerpts & manipulations from An der schönen blauen Donau, Op. 314 by Johann Straus

© Martyn Riley 2021

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