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'Whitechapel' for 'INEFFABLE' 
November 2021
LUVA Gallery
Zine Promo.jpg

In partnership with the East End based community driven gallery. 



Inspired by psychogeographic practices and deep listening, Ineffable was an interactive publication that brought together sound and visual artists across East London and the globe.

The zine acted as a map to unlock 20 site-specific artworks throughout 10 locations in London’s eastern boroughs.

The cyclical nature of this sound map aimed to facilitate collaboration between creative practitioners and influence artists to work in new ways.


A site specific sound piece, to be then partnered by an anonymous  visual artists interpretation. 

© Martyn Riley 2021

ANCHOR 3.jpg
September 3rd & 4th 2021
at Equivalent Behaviour 

Sound / Photo / Object / Live Performance:  

A study of attachment and separation 

ANCHOR, the first solo show held within Equivalent Behaviour encompassed sound, visual, objects and included a live performance on each of the two days.  Exploring the hold and connection the home has on an individual and how the memory of sound, visuals and objects can be strengthen or deteriorate over time.



Revox B77 Mk1 - [story]

Rexox A77 Mk1 - [memory]

Revox A77 Mk2 - [recollection]

Nagra Kudelski 4.2 - [time]


10 black & White silver gelatin prints



Doorbell / Corgi Land Rover / Art Deco decorative Bell

Festival of Britain coin / World of Johann Straus (Decca)

Excerpts & manipulations from An der schönen blauen Donau, Op. 314 by Johann Straus

© Martyn Riley 2021

November 20th & 21st 2021
at Equivalent Behaviour 
Live Acousmatic Soundtrack Performance:  

Flightless is located somewhere between science/ natural observation and the absurd... Bringing together a range of artists/ objects, film and natural material, we invite you to come curious. Grounded by a respect towards our warm-blooded friends, these stories shared in Flightless are the stories of humans.

A live acousmatic derived soundtrack (taped narration, samples, field recordings, live percussion and electronics) to the vintage 1962 ornithologist film 'Legends of the Birds of New Zealand'. The narration was recorded from 16mm film stock direct to  a Nagra 4.2 Reel to Reel, then digitised and quality improved, then recorded back onto tape to be included in the live performance. 

© Martyn Riley 2021

'Of the Dark & Luminous Magick'
for Kelly Sweeney's
'Night Comers'
May 2021

Night Comers, was a solo exhibition by multidisciplinary London-based artist Kelly Sweeney. 

Sweeney invited the viewer to encounter her otherworldly domain inhabited by a previously unseen body of work spawned specifically for the exhibition space. Visitors encountered the artists’ orchid hybrid-beings that grow, climb and emerge laying vegetal claim to the gallery space. 


Recorded & Produced by M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2021

'Movements # parts I & II'
Mar 2021

For the first release in the 'Movements' series, this 'acousmatic' piece explores the invisible sound of a basic return train trip recorded using coil pickups which picked up all the surrounding electro-magnetic 'noise' of this simple journey. The Mic pick-ups collected the workings of the train, power-lines above, track contacts, passing trains and substations along the track. 

The Out & Return trips where layered together, with the Out balanced to the left and the Return to the right. The sounds have been dropped down 2 Octaves and some compression has been made to the overall pieces. 
Both journeys electro-magnetic imprints were more intense at their beginnings and levelled out in the second half. Hence the two distinct parts. 

Trains supplied by TFL 

Recorded & Produced by M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2021

00:00 / 17:27
Feb 2021

A piece that highlights choice, randomisation, words as sound, harmony & melody. 

4 minutes / 8 people / 16 words

Jake Roberts: Mondegreen / Natürlich 
Dominic Rose: Sycophant / Unctuous 
Katrina Stamatopoulos: Hikikomori / Foot 
Eleni Mettyear: Fantastic / Cornucopia 
Wojciech Kawczyk: Robota / Pokora 
Malgorzata Bany: Sugi / Mlecko 
James Roe: Crinoline / Putrefy 
Tim Green: Serendipity / Pinguino 

All words chosen by the collaborators.

Recorded & Produced by M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2021

'Mishki searches, Jinn dances, Misfits scamping'
for Kelly Sweeney's
'Witches, Scamps and Things'
Nov 2020

Kelly Sweeney is a London based artist who studied at Nottingham Trent and Chelsea School of Art. A multidisciplinary artist, her practice encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing and film.

This commission involved creating a 10 minute sound piece to accompany an additional online 'virtual gallery' viewing, and was also used for the audio tour. 

The title comes from three of the 'characters' from Kelly's paintings/drawings/sculptures I personally made a connection with. 

Field recordings, tapes, samples,  - Martyn Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2020

Here's the virtual tour:

'My School, My Community, My Family'
for Aldgate School
Nov 2020

A sound piece commissioned by The Aldgate School., the only State funded Primary school in the City of London. This is a piece to communicate the recent name change along with the energy and wonderful attitude of pupils and teaching staff.

Completed  Nov 20, 2020 
Martyn Riley - All sound & production
Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2020

Soundtrack for a film by Katrina Stamatopoulos
July 2020

© Katrina Stamatopoulos

'Subrealities' is a haunting and dreamlike film from Katrina Stamatopoulos. I was commissioned to produce a soundtrack to accompany this beautiful Super 8 film shot in 2012 in Australia. 

Released July 12, 2020 
Martyn Riley - Guitar, Samples, Tape Loops,Piano 
Katrina Stamatopoulos - Violin 
Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2020

'I Am Riddled With Time'
Aug 2018

Exhibited at Open Warehouse Day 2018,

Imperial 1st Floor Gallery


Sound Sources:

25 minute looped video, filmed at: Middlesex Water Beds + 

Tottenham Marshes

48 minute looped Reel to Reel N15 field recordings 

48 minute overlayered manipulated drone recordings:

Kids playing / Markfiled Park

Man’s steps / Tottenham Hale Tube

Man saying ‘Hey Yeah’ / N15

Fast water drip / High Cross Centre

Sound & Visuals - M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2018

"It's Not Your Fault'
Nov 2018

A meditative film exploring the state of consciousness. 

Shown at 'REMAINS - pop up exhibition at Tolli's', Kentish Town, London 

Sound & Visuals - M.Riley

Mastered by M. Riley at Imperial Eight Studio N15

© Martyn Riley 2018

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