Martyn Riley 
sound artist//experimental musician//deep listener




I am a North-London based Sound Artist and Musician, originating from Derbyshire. My Sound Art practise specialises in memory and sound-triggers, by employing a multitude of experimental recording techniques utilizing new and older analogue methods of sound composition. Manipulating sonic landscapes to challenge the listeners perceptions of environment and sound. 

Recent Projects//

Spring 2022 saw my solo exhibition at Tokoro Studio, 'FUMP HULDER' (which translates as 'essence of the hidden' from 18th Century Devonshire dialect. A documentation, by sound and photography, and explorations of the acoustic ecology, barren landscapes and geology of Permian Period Dartmoor. The centrepiece being an sound installation which connected sound, visual and audience.


In the Summer of 2021, I presented my first solo show ‘ANCHOR’ at Equivalent Behaviour Space.  It encompassed sound, photography and objects, including a live performance on each of the two days, collaborating with local based musicians.  ‘ANCHOR’ explored the hold and connection the home has on an individual, and how the memory of sound, visuals and objects can strengthen or deteriorate this over a long period.


For LUVA Gallery’s ‘INEFFABLE’ project  I created a psychogeographic sound piece, as well performing live at its launch creating a longer & evolving composition. I have recently created sound commissions for Kelly Sweeney’s two solo shows ‘Nightcomers’ and ‘Witches, Scamps And Things’, and for Equivalent Behaviour Space’s ‘Flightless’ exhibition, I will perform a live acousmatic soundtrack to vintage 16mm ornithology films. 


I also present two regular radio show showcasing experimental music, ‘Noise Noise Noise’ and ‘Bamboo House’, the latter of which is linked to my Record Label Bamboo House Recordings. 

I curate a new experimental music & sound event at Tokoro Studio, [ADSR], bringing together new sonic talent and an open-minded North London (& beyond) audience



with Chris Watson, Jez Riley French

Glenshee, Scotland, June '22

Cove Park Winter Residency,

Long Loch, Helensborough, Scotland, March '22